That difficult third novel


A year ago, I finished writing my second novel, “The Blue Angels” and started to think about my third. Today, I finally started writing it. When I’d collated all of my plot outlines into a single document, I found I had 25,000 words, which makes me wonder what it is I’ve taken on! Ironically perhaps, given this level of preparation, the most difficult thing now is thinking of a title. Perhaps that will come in the fullness of time and perhaps – just perhaps – I can break the “three words, the first of which is ‘The'” pattern that has been my shibboleth up until now. Perhaps an interesting title will stimulate the interest that has been lacking for the first two. It’s been an interesting journey.

One thought on “That difficult third novel

  1. With my third novel complete, I at last have time to draw breath and revisit this blog. I managed to break the “three word title” pattern by the way: my new novel is named “ABRAHAM”. I think that this was its title all the way through, but I resisted. I can’t think why now; it’s brooding and Biblical. I like it.

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