It’s not just corporations who can rebrand…


As a self-publishing author, I decided to take on the job of designing the covers for my books and e-books myself. Previously I had been using a very old version of Corel Photo-Paint (so old, in fact, that it had been written for Windows 95). Every time I upgrade my machine, I wonder if the software will still run. Also, I lacked licences to install it onto all of my machines so, if I had to do any art work, I had to do it in one place. It was time for a change. Having researched the cost of upgrading, or buying something new, I discovered a free tool that has turned out to be a game-changer. If any of you have image creation or image processing to, do then I would urge you to download GIMP (GNU Image Processor). There’s a learning curve (I wasn’t used to dealing with layers, for example) but there are so many tutorials on line, that you quickly catch up). I created both of the images below from a standing start within a week. Armed with GIMP (yes, I know ;)) I created new covers for the e-book and paperback versions of “The Marguerite Effect” and “The Blue Angels”. Perhaps it’s the novelty of having new images, but I really like them. Let me know what you think!

The Marguerite Effect

This is the cover for my first novel, “The Marguerite Effect”

The Blue Angels

This the cover for my second novel, “The Blue Angels”

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