The Blue Angels


Milton Styles’ life stopped on the day his wife and daughter went missing. The idea of their cries as they were swept out to sea haunts him. It also fuels a recurring nightmare of their demise until, one night, he dreams of four unutterably beautiful blue lights that hang serenely in the sky above the scene. For the first time in months he sleeps until morning and awakens filled with a sense of hope. When Milton discovers that the lights are real, he posts an online appeal for fresh sightings and is quickly overwhelmed by abuse and ridicule. Lynda Buchan, an online friend, goes to him and they become lovers.

In Texas, the lights have also caught the attention of psychopathic UFO cult leader, Joshua Hayle, to whom they are harbingers of an apocalypse that only he can prevent. When his message is ignored, Hayle blames Milton and acts swiftly to resolve the issue: Milton must either become his prophet, or else a martyr to the cause.

Hayle’s headlong rush to save mankind, and Milton’s quest to discover the truth about his family, lead the two men to a last-ditch encounter as one of nature’s most violent events unfolds behind them. Which of them is right, and will either of them survive to see the truth?

See what Amazon and other customers have to say about The Blue Angels:

Star FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Filled “Another great read! I found myself involved with the story from the start” J. Kerr (Amazon)

Star FilledStar FilledStar FilledStar Filled “Once again you have helped me through my morning commute admirably. Fast paced and full of ideas” Jamsey (Smashwords)

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