The Human League


A chance encounter with a video on YouTube has reacquainted me with the early work of The Human League from the Craig Marsh, Ware and Oakey days in the late 70’s. So now, after a protracted session with my USB turntable, I am once again able to hunker down to the delights of “The Dignity of Labour”, “Reproduction”, “Travelogue” and “Holiday ’80”. What better backdrop could there be to a bit of science fiction authoring?

Stephenie Meyer – of “Twilight” fame – famously listened to Muse while writing. I think I see a pattern emerging; let’s just hope that that pattern continues into the arena of commercial success!


That difficult third novel


A year ago, I finished writing my second novel, “The Blue Angels” and started to think about my third. Today, I finally started writing it. When I’d collated all of my plot outlines into a single document, I found I had 25,000 words, which makes me wonder what it is I’ve taken on! Ironically perhaps, given this level of preparation, the most difficult thing now is thinking of a title. Perhaps that will come in the fullness of time and perhaps – just perhaps – I can break the “three words, the first of which is ‘The'” pattern that has been my shibboleth up until now. Perhaps an interesting title will stimulate the interest that has been lacking for the first two. It’s been an interesting journey.



I was recently interviewed for a news letter web site that is sent out to subscribers who, by and large, live in my home town. It’s not as grand as it sounds – I was paying! – but the questions made me think hard about certain aspects of my writing. Take a look and perhaps you could answer those same questions yourself. If you do, let me know: I’d be interested to see!

My Smashwords Interview.

E-Book Giveaway


I have created 100% off coupons so you can download my e-books for free from Smashwords until July 6th. For those who haven’t visited Smashwords before, you’ll need to create a free account and then choose the format that you wish to buy – all the main formats are available. Each book has a separate voucher code that you’ll need to enter at the checkout:

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To blog or not to blog… that *was* the question


It was indeed. Now though, things have moved on. I now have a blog, but I have absolutely no idea what to put in it. I aim, upon occasion, to plug my books* but I don’t want it to be just about that. So what do I put in it? I think the problem is that I don’t really understand what a blog is. Yes, I know: I’m just so last century. For that, I can only apologise and promise that I’ll try to engage better in the future. 

*This a link too my Amazon page, but the books are available in all the main e-book vendors